Can the Detroit Lions keep the game close?

The NFL season finally starts as the Detroit Lions visit the Kansas City Chiefs on a /Thursday Night in Kansas City.. Guys its time to fire-up the grill and toss back a few beers once again,  Most fans of the  game are probably giving the nod to Kansas City to win easily. The main question is can the Lions compete early in the game to avoid a  blow out?, If not, the first game of the season will turn avid fans glued to the Tv into multitasking lunatics.   In the spirit  of optimism . I must say it appears the Lions seem to have had  meaningful  off season and training camp .   

Detroit  Lions blue and white Coffee Mug


 Last season, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff threw for 4,438 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, and registered a career-high QBR of 99.3.

They didn't make the playoffs, however the Lions ranked no. 3 in the NFL in total touchdowns scored. This  may be why many NFL analysts believe they have a chance to pull the upset on the road in Kansas City.



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